I'm Sad For This Game
I've played off and on since launch.  Lately, the gaps when I haven't played seem to get longer and longer and today I think I've figured out why.

I re-read one of my posts from last year where I complained about folks stealing quest items out from under me while I fought the mobs guarding them.  At the time I thought it was just a few folks being asshats and that they'd move on quickly and leave me in peace.  After coming back to the game this time to finish out Makeb and ding 55, I keep seeing the same behaviour over and over.  It makes me sad.

Back in the olden days, such behaviour was loudly protested over general chat and your toon got a bad rep quickly.  I'm thinking back to the glory days of EQ when MMOs weren't common place and if you got a bad rep, you'd have a hard time getting into groups.  Maybe I really lucked out with who I was playing with at that time, but there was a certain etiquette and some un-written rules about how to act in game.  None of that seems to apply to SWTOR at this point in time.  The kill stealing is rampant and I have a feeling its the accepted norm.  Still, it makes me sad to see in a game that I really do like.

Anyway, if anyone still follows this community, here's my question.  What servers do you play on and do you see much of this behaviour regularly?  I play on Jedi Covenant, Imp side mostly, but am seriously considering a move if I hear there are servers out there with less of this going on.

Hello SWTOR Fans :) Anyone still around?
Star Wars (Seize The Present)
I'd like to see if anyone still plays. I'm on the Jedi Covenant Server and would love to meet up with some fellow players :)

Tauntaun mounts are the best.

That is all.

Obsidian & KOTOR2, 3: "Fear is the path to the dark side"
SW - Han Shot 1st (miggy)
Via David Gaider's twitter feed comes this Eurogamer.net interview/podcast with Chris Avellone, members of Obsidian, and two of the lead modders of the 'Sith Lords Restored Content Mod' discussing KOTOR2 and hints at what their plans were for KOTOR3.

Fear is the path to the dark side

[Cut for suggestions of SWTOR spoilers, in case anyone is still avoiding them]SWTOR spoilers: I still haven't played either KOTOR1 or 2, but some of what they said in the interview hinting at what their plans had been for KOTOR3 (and the suggestion that they may have been avoiding saying more in the hope of making KOTOR3 someday?) makes me wonder how it could be made and stay consistent with the decisions implemented in SWTOR for Revan and the Exile, or if they would even try to stay consistent. /SPOILERS

KOTOR on Steam Sale until 1am UTC 16-Jul
SW - Do it do it do it
Perhaps in honor of KOTOR's 10th Anniversary today?

KOTOR I and KOTOR II are both on sale today at Steam for only $3.39 (each) until 1 AM UTC 16-July (or 9pm ET / 6pm PT 15-July/today).

Go forth and buy ye, if you've been looking for an excuse to do so. :)

(Or buy their complete Star Wars Collection, including both games plus a number of other packages, for only $49.99).
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I may just be burned out: A rant of classic origin.

So, I haven't played many of the double experience weekends.  The first round in March/April I was packing and moving into a new place and just didn't have the time.  This last set I was busy with family things and didn't get to play until the very last one.  And it was over the long holiday weekend.  And that's all I did other than one BBQ on the 4th.  Being a mature adult has it's perks sometimes, right?  Yeah, perhaps not so much.

Anyway, I got two of my guys up to lvl 50 and had created a new sith warrior and gotten her to lvl 30.  I may have over done it a bit.  No one has gone to Makeb yet. But yesterday, I decided to get the lead out and started my agent on the new content.  He's decided to take a walk on the wild side and romance Lord CytharatKaliyo is very understanding that way and has visions of a threesome in the near future, but I'm drifting off topic.

Here's the rant  How the frakk do we complete those isotope 5 droid quests?  I died, over and over and over.  That combat snare they stick you with (yes, yes, it's always been there) just does not let you get to the turret controls fast enough to make the effort worthwhile.  I finally had to ask for help, and you know how that goes in general chat.  (And here's where the burn out is coming in to play.)  Finally a guildie came and helped me, but we both died twice before finishing that thing.
Grrrr!!!  Thank the maker that was over, right?  And I moved my guy on to the next mesa or whatever comes next.

It was late on Sunday afternoon, I was trying to get whatever collection daily and story line done before the prep for the upcoming work week needed to start.  It never failed though, whenever I was just through fighting the mobs to get to my quest item, some asshat would run in and steal it at the last second.  Over and over and yes, this was a warning sign.  Usually I just go off and get a drink or whatever until said asshat moves on to bother someone else.

Then in general chat someone was asking, pleading!!! for help with a droid quest.  And people were arguing with him/her.  Oh I did that quest solo, no probs!  Yeah, it just scales to however many are in your group so how silly are you to ask for help.  Use your healer/dps/tank.  No one would help and I was dealing with asshat who kept stealing my quest items!  Ahem, yes.  Too much over stimulation makes Lynn a cranky monkey.  So I logged off.

Now I'm pissed, still, a day later.  If I have to fight another one of those droids and the only tactic is the turrets, I'll never make it. To the point where I'm thinking about renewing my wow sub for a few months.  But I've really, really enjoyed all the story content in the game.  When I play other games, I compare them to SWTOR when it comes to quest delivery and npc dialog.  Perhaps Lynn needs a longer break than just one day?  And why are there so many folks on this game that are just down right mean?  How long does it really take to help someone kill Darth Skotia or at least give the person the tip they missed by not carefully reading the quest text.  Like we're all perfect and read everything all the time, right?  You know, on second thought, maybe I'll just do dungeons forever to get to 55 and hang around doing nothing but waiting to help out people begging for help in general chat.  Nanny nanny boo boo, take that asshats!

Perhaps a longer break really is needed.

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Update 2.3 info from Los Angeles Cantina Tour event
SW - Han Shot 1st (miggy)
People who went to last night's Cantina Tour event in Los Angeles were given a thumbdrive containing files teasing update 2.3, scheduled to be released in August.

One of the Cantina Tour attendees got the information to Dulfy, including information about the brand new Bounty Hunter event.

Not much in here other than screenies and vagueness, but I post in case anyone is interested.

Note, as she speculated in comments, this is probably for ALL CLASSES above level 15, so take the name with a grain of salt.

Anyone else go to the event and have more info to provide about what happened there?

Server Transfers coming in 2.2
SW - Han Shot 1st (miggy)
CONFIRMED -- with FAQ from Eric Musco.

Anyone planning on moving servers? If so from where, to where, and why?

Update 2.2 up on the PTS
SW - Bleeding nub
Patch notes

There are some PVP tweaks listed here...

[bioware] Summer of SWTOR
SW - Sign me up
One of SWTOR's Senior Producers (Bruce Maclean) made a post on the forums this morning outlining their plans for this summer and the next three releases.

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So--anything you're excited about?


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